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  • A.V.E. Episode 5 - "Arrivals"

    The hunt for Eva has begun. Captain Jason Blake (Charles Rock) leads a task force including Max, Solomon and Agent Taylor to the outside to apprehend the maniacle Dr. Eva before her doomsday plan is enacted. It's all hands on deck with Commander Isaac stuck in a moral dilemma.

  • A.V.E. Episode 4 - "Return"

    A look into the past reveals the origins of this modern day threat. Dr. Evaline Thompson (Marissa Blagrove) is diagnosed with an incurable disease that challenges her very perception of reality. Are the voices in her head born of her own mind or is her connectoin to the anomaly a vital piece to t...

  • The Night Diaries of Egypt - Potiphar's Wife

    Joseph found favor in the eyes of Potiphar his master and was given a measure of freedom to govern Potiphar's house. Potiphar's wife began to long for Joseph. But Joseph's loyalty to his master has erupted a vengeful spirit within her.

    Genesis 39:1 - 20

  • The Night Diaries of Egypt - Moses & The Murder

    In spite of living a life of luxury in Egypt Moses contends with his conscience day by day watching his fellow Hebrews beaten and broken. The inner turmoil drives him to do something that will alter the course of mankind forever.

    Exodus 2:11-14