The Night Diaries of Egypt

The Night Diaries of Egypt

Enjoy a window into the minds of some of the most influential people during ancient Egypt.

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The Night Diaries of Egypt
  • The Night Diaries of Egypt - Jochebed

    The wrath of Egypt's new ruler descends upon the Hebrews. Soldiers rush through the streets seeking the lives of every first born son. But one faithful woman makes the ultimate sacrifice so that her son may live. While thousands fall to a watery grave her child will find salvation among the most ...

  • The Night Diaries of Egypt - The Prison Keeper

    The are many in the bible who are often too quickly overlooked. The prison keeper shares a momentary reflection on life in the prison since Joseph's arrival and his thoughts on how he got there.

    Genesis 39:19 - 40:23

  • The Night Diaries of Egypt - Moses & The Murder

    In spite of living a life of luxury in Egypt Moses contends with his conscience day by day watching his fellow Hebrews beaten and broken. The inner turmoil drives him to do something that will alter the course of mankind forever.

    Exodus 2:11-14

  • The Night Diaries of Egypt - Potiphar's Wife

    Joseph found favor in the eyes of Potiphar his master and was given a measure of freedom to govern Potiphar's house. Potiphar's wife began to long for Joseph. But Joseph's loyalty to his master has erupted a vengeful spirit within her.

    Genesis 39:1 - 20

  • The Night Diaries of Egypt - The Taskmaster

    Pharaoh has proclaimed a harsh decree against the Hebrew slaves that live in Egypt, in an effort to keep their growing population subdued. One task master struggles with the duty to take innocent life.

  • The Night Diaries of Egypt - Pharaoh

    There is a supernatural presence that has introduced itself through Pharaoh's dreams. The King of Egypt, now perplexed by the dreams, stays up all night pondering its meaning and the force that brought it to him.

    ​Genesis 41:1-36

  • The Night Diaries of Egypt: Return To Egypt